Project BEST

Project B.E.S.T.


Project BEST is the after school program for the intermediate schools.  BEST stands for Building Excellent Students Today.  BEST starts as soon as school ends and runs to 5:00pm, Monday through Thursday.


The kids get a snack and help with their homework every day in BEST.  We are here to help students that need that extra little help to be successful in their academics. We are also here to provide students with enrichment activities to push students to reach new heights and make learning fun and exciting.   


The kids are offered 4 unique activities every day.  They get to choose 2 of the four activities to participate in each day.  The activities can range from 1 day in length to 2 weeks in length.


If you are interested in finding out more or enrolling your child in the program please call the school and we will walk you through the process.



Lead Teacher- Mr. Arganbright

Miss Ward            Mrs. Johnson            Mr. Fisher            Ms. Lowden            Miss Gonzales           Miss Wright

Miss. Swanson      Ms. Schmidt             Miss Mix             Miss Wile                Miss Hunter